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Nigella disappoints

Posted: 24/09/2012 in Uncategorized

As a lover of Italy and someone who enjoys watching Nigella create exotic dishes in her kitchen, I was looking forward to her new programme Nigellisima.  This marriage of her creativity and love of food with a taste of Italy had to be a winning combination.

What a disappointment when she proceeded to prepare dishes which she admitted that were not Italian and something she cobbled together in her kitchen.  She was filmed in Italy enjoying a glass of Prosecco and I suspect that this programme is about Nigella having a little jolly in Italy and mocking up a programme around the glory that is Italian cuisine and pretending it was something based on her experiences in Florence when she was  younger.

She was in equal parts, patronising and false in her delivery which was a great disappointment to me.  What a great opportunity missed.  A wasted idea.  She has even launched an App to go with this farce.  This is clearly a programme too far.  Consolatiion is that she is looking well with a new wardrobe and we get to see some shots of Italy.

Hope it improves but fear that it will not.  



Last night on the box

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I watched the Culture Show last night and was really pleased with two of the pieces.  The first was the exhibition of Bronze at the Royal Academy. This was a remarkable display of a wide range of excellent work from a variety of sources that left me in awe of the quality of the work and wishing it were nearer than London.

This is, to quote the blurb from the Academy,  “some of the world’s greatest masterpieces, from Ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan bronzes, to era-defining Medieval and Renaissance treasures and works by iconic figures such as Rodin, Picasso, Jasper Johns, Henry Moore and Louise Bourgeois”.  Not to mention Donatello whose work is exquisite.  Benvenuto Cellini is also represented which is nice to see.  Bit of a lad was our Benvenuto, what with killing people, stealing gems from the Popes tiara (allegedly) and putting it about with abandon regardless of gender.

Benvenuto’s peccadilloes aside, what an exhibition and what workmanship.  I am always left with the question how did they do that?  One might think that with modern technology such a thing is possible but they must have had the most primitive equipment and casting techniques, so how did they manage such perfection.

Bronze is a great triumph for the Royal Academy and I am sorely tempted to drag myself to London to see it.  Do not expect it to travel up here though.

The second piece was an interview with Oliver Stone done by Mark Kerode.  Excellent interview and how nice to see Oliver Stone back on form.  Look forward to seeing Savages in all its glory.  Is it my imagination or has John Travolta gone for the Silvio Berlusconi look with his new hair style?

Down to earth with a bump when I watched the snivelling apology from Clegg about telling porkies over student fees.  What a piece of work he is.  Trotting out the now familiar process, admit you lie , apologise then move on.  Well sometimes it is just not enough.  He will say and do almost anything to keep his tacky little fingers on the reins of power.  Feel sorry for the genuine Liberals who must be cringing at this performance.  Paxman wheels out Cable to explain why they lied and this just compounds the felony.  They must be consigned to the dustbin of history as soon as possible along with Cameron and Osborne.

This new found trend to make a public apology and then act as if nothing has happened is getting on my wick.  So called reformed characters of all sorts are queuing up to apologise and then write a book about it and proceed to go back to their old ways.  Suppose they can apologise again.  Watch out for Cleggs next version at the Lib Dems Conference

All in all a very up and down couple of hours on the telly.  Went to bed with my head spinning

I have been following the election debate in the USA and kept asking myself in amazement why the Repulicans would even consider a candidate like Mitt Romney.
I listened to his gaffs and his lies as well as his misinformation being peddled as facts and thought to myself how can the voters in America be so easily fooled.

Suddenly it hit me that what I was thinking was not really valid as we have Cameron and Clegg in power who are equally as dumb as Romney.
My sense of political nouse and superiority was destroyed and I had to take a long reflective look at our politicians through a different lens.
We may say that at least we are not in the same mess as Greece or Italy or Spain but look closely and you will see that we are well on the way to the same dire straits that face these countries.
The cuts are still in their infancy and we still have not got any ideas about how to create a new way of working that does not penalise the poor and less well off.
More of the same will not do and I am at a loss when I look at what is on offer.
I am a Labour voter and supporter but to date they have not convinced me that what they offer is any different to the soi dissant coalition.
Ed Balls, once seen as a leading light is now failing to glimmer let alone shine and Ed M although improving his performance does not fill me with confidence.
The Fabian Society have produced an interesting document called The Economic Alternative which is worth a read and gives us hope for a better future and a different sort of capitalism.
Let’s hope that Labour leaders read it and act on some of the ideas therein


New Tory exam plans

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I look on these proposals for the new E Bacc with dismay.  It sounds like something in a dodgy fridge on an outdated item of food.  Well it certainly is outdated.  Maybe I am paranoid but it smacks of what I think of as a master plan to restrict access to higher learning to the chosen few.  If they were serious about reform then a good examination of the curriculum and how it is taught would be a better way of improving our school system.

There is more to come on this reform and Labour needs to get ahead of the debate and start to plan for a future that has equality and fairness at its heart. We need an education system that is fit for purpose that will serve the needs of all the learners not a minority.