Nigella disappoints

Posted: 24/09/2012 in Uncategorized

As a lover of Italy and someone who enjoys watching Nigella create exotic dishes in her kitchen, I was looking forward to her new programme Nigellisima.  This marriage of her creativity and love of food with a taste of Italy had to be a winning combination.

What a disappointment when she proceeded to prepare dishes which she admitted that were not Italian and something she cobbled together in her kitchen.  She was filmed in Italy enjoying a glass of Prosecco and I suspect that this programme is about Nigella having a little jolly in Italy and mocking up a programme around the glory that is Italian cuisine and pretending it was something based on her experiences in Florence when she was  younger.

She was in equal parts, patronising and false in her delivery which was a great disappointment to me.  What a great opportunity missed.  A wasted idea.  She has even launched an App to go with this farce.  This is clearly a programme too far.  Consolatiion is that she is looking well with a new wardrobe and we get to see some shots of Italy.

Hope it improves but fear that it will not.  


  1. Helen wheat says:

    Totally agree, whilst the set and filming were really atmospheric the content really lacked authenticity. Where was Italy and real Italian food in all this?

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