So this is Christmas

Posted: 23/12/2018 in Uncategorized

Reflection is usually done as a New Year indulgence but I can’t wait. A friend said I should start a blog. I think it was because he couldn’t be arsed reading my other posts, so I thought I would crack on with it.

I want to return to the 600 dead in the last year in this blighted land. By all accounts we rank as 5/6th largest economy in the world which makes this all the more worrying. It hit the headlines on the Friday as MPs were finishing their pantomime season and going on their 2 weeks holiday (sorry not a holiday as they will still be working I am assured). So, righteous outrage at this criminal statistic. I expected that it would carry over the weekend at least but some knob flew a drone over Gatwick and the memory of 600 desperate souls was consigned to the faux outrage which was clearly temporary.

Are we so inured to the deaths of 600 of our fellow beings so as to sit by and allow their lives to slip away unnoticed? That’s the 600 in this country where we once boasted of our welfare system, what about the Yemeni innocents starved and bombed into submission by our weapons and expertise?

I suspect the answer is yes. Don’t get me wrong I am also guilty. I heard Howard Jacobson bemoaning that John McDonnell said he couldn’t be friends with Tories because of their policies. I consider that the most relevant comment McDonnell has made (not only that before I get castigated).

How can someone who supports Capitalism and therefore Tory policies distance themselves from the very system that caused these problems? I don’t need to lecture you on Capitalism and what it stands for, it is obvious. The policies implemented by this Government are to blame directly for this. No bleating about how they are committed to resolving this issue, no injection of cash, no commission or enquiry will suffice. The usual excuses are redundant. The levels of deprivation and poverty reported on by the UN and other social bodies are a stark reminder that Capitalism is in terminal decline.

An election and the possibility of a Labour Government has the Establishment in paroxysms of fear, however, that is only part of the solution. A new Government would still operate the same outdated financial model and therefore continue with the same austerity. Of course it would be better but that’s not the point. The point is that it would still be the same system that got us here in the first place.

So as Christmas approaches and we are filled with good cheer and good will to all, remember the 600 as you pass a homeless person or rough sleeper and give generously. It could be you tomorrow and it may well be unless we overthrow the whole rotten edifice.